Friday, September 09, 2005

The Best + Cycle

1) The Best

there is one phrase which has been bugging me for the past few days. This phrase I have seen in romance books, movies n articles on relationships, in one form or another ... it goes something like this ..

" I may not be the best for you, but I will do my best for you "

You know what...I think I am figuring that out now. Yep, the brain is finally clicking on this one. Sheesh.. about time too.

2) Cycle

1. MTB was delivered to B'worth KTM Package office
2. MTB arrived at KL KTM Package office
3. Owner arrived via Komuter at KTM KL Station
4. Owner picked up MTB at KL KTM Package office
5. Owner cycled MTB from KL KTM Packageg office to DD, SB.

Distance - ? naik , turun bukit .. main kejar dgn kenderaan di jalanraya
Time taken - roughly 2 hours
Owner is still alive ;-)

Weekend is coming up ;-)

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