Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mail n Puasa No 2

1) Mail

Yesterday, I saw You've Got Mail. The storyline of love through the internet, which is so relevant today. This movie was set during the days of dial up using American Online .. I used it a few times when I was in US, and wondered why it wasn't done here ... and the rest of you guys who have internet in your homes know how at times, troublesome internet in Malaysia ..but that's another matter.

A key success factor of this movie is the chemistry between the two leads, Tom n Meg. This was their 2nd movie together after Sleepless in Seattle .. it is nice tale of enemies in the real world, lovers online kind of thing. I would recommend it.. and of course, NYC is a nice place to fall in love.

One thing struck me though .. in the dvd extra, in an interview with the director, Nora Ephron .. she said that the kind of love shown in the movie is fantasy. Hmm, maybe she's right and I have been foolish all these years ..

2) Puasa No 2

Day No 2 has been okay. Have not suffered much. Agaknya, sbb dah biasa kan ... today, I had a chance to go up the KLCC .. at the skybridge and the 76th floor .. looking down at all that was going on .. I realized that I am now at a major crossroads of my life ... yep the crossroads where changes have to made .. and I mean major changes ...

You can't have everything .. there must be sacrifices ..

Selamat berbuka ..


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