Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Movies n Ramadan

Hello amigos ...

1) Saw these flicks these past few days ..

Must Love Dogs

Cerita ni okay lah .. so relevant as it touches on internet dating  .. I enjoyed but wouldn’t really put it as a must watch kind of flick .. probably kan because at times .. the chemistry between the leads ( Cusack and Lane ) was kind of forced at times,.. but it has some good one liners :-) and u have some free time..tgk la

50 First Dates

A classic Adam Sandler flick if you asked me. Actually, I like the idea,.. it is kind of hard but, you want to make the person love you every single day of her life. ;-) Watching it make me smile most of the times seeing Henry ( Sandler ) trying his best to woo Lucy ( Drew Barrymore ) with the help from his nutty cousin Ula ( Rob Scheider ).

And the music really helped

Notting Hill

Hugh Grant at his best :D and Julia Roberts. I would really recommend this flick to lovers of romantic comedies ;-) Good performances from both of them … and assisted by able support from the rest of the cast, especially William ( Grant )’s gila housemate.

Classic quote : “ I am just a girl .. asking a boy to love her .. “ … Awwwww

2) Ramadhan

Ramadhan will begin tonight, so I would like to wish my Muslim readers Selamat Beribadah in Ramadhan ;-) .. hope the Man will accept our ibadah during this Holy Month.

As I was biking back, I realized that I should count my blessings in many ways .. ya la, this is what normal people do kan ... but really, do I count my blessings ... I don't think I do that enough. I get a bit depressed when I think of what I dont have : A car, a house, loads of blings ...etc .. but then, look of what I have and accomplished so far .. then .... its get better.. and since one of Ramadhan's lessons is to count yr blessings .. so I will focus on my blessings from now on :-)Insya-Allah.

Ok lah .. later ... Selamat Berpuasa Hari Pertama !

ps/ I am working now at KLCC .. albeit until Raya ;-) ...

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Anonymous said...

Selamat Berpuasa!
Datanglah rumah jika ada masa.
Btw your fan club and you friends, try to squeeze in you lil sister k.