Sunday, October 30, 2005

Or Am I + A Test

Or am I Daniel Cleaver ? As I thought to myself, while eating my sahur earlier ?.... I read a recent post of this blog , whose author is currently in La La Land with the author of this blog. I followed and am following their exploits from his perspective and now, only recently, following hers too. I am not sure which type of man that I fall in, but I am pretty sure, it could be one of the latter categories …
Often, in the matters of the heart, it is not the actions of the person that you are attracted that make you go crazy, it is your own response to the their actions that do.

Consider this

11.00 pm – Boy calls girl for the first time, after weeks of messaging. Girl takes call, asking boy to call back after 20 mins. Girl says, she needs to shower.

11.20 pm – 1.30 am : Boy keeps calling girl, but only getting voicemail.

So what is the boy’s response ?

A – Aarghh …. Mcm2 la .. starts thinking bad thoughts .. she doesn’t want to talk to me ..bla bla ..

B – Hmm, so near so far … okay la .. what to do kan …

I am sure most people have gone through this, one way or another … I have … option A seems to be my favorite thing … and option A causes the most heartbreak …

So, I chose option B.. and … importantly, redha about it. What I did was I watched my music therapy ( LP + GNR November Rain ) as usual, when this occurrences happen, but this time I decided, it wasn’t worth it anymore. It wasn’t satisfying. A breakthrough …  … I am not saying that the problem is resolved yet, but the end is in the sight. A suggestion from Andrew Matthews , “ When you are attached to things, you tend to screw it up .. “ … you know what, it finally makes sense ;-) …

And all of this because of a flicker …

Update : 30th October 2005

.. but thanks to the flicker, my faith is restored ;-)


anobody said...

well move on. if she doesn't wanna talk then fine. no point in calling anymore. let her be. taknak cakap, just say itlah.


move onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


Anonymous said...

mind your own ass..if I were u, lost, it's 'his' life not yours!

Omecool20 said...

Raf, ye sayeee ;-)

anonymous .. err okay. advice noted.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to rafthah..not u
omecool, whatever u do, it's up to
u actually..don't listen to
negative comments fm others..
listen to your heart. Good luck!

Omecool20 said...

anonymous, oh i c... hehe .. takpe2, thanks anyway ..

Anonymous said...

Lamento mucho, no significo para causar ningun problema. Ahora que supe que el parpadeo mencionado me era..arrapentido otra vez.

Anonymous said...


You sound a lot like my boyfriend :P

Oh hell.... what did I do......

Look if you are the one, you are the one. Don't sweat on the small stuff. He also like you, I get busy and he thinks I want to leave him -_-;

Dude, you want someone who thinks you are hot, funny and loveable as who you are. Nothing is going to change that. So if she decides not to choose you, its her loss.

Think positive :) If you shake that ass a lil, who knows ;) *does a lil dance and skips off*

Your sis