Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Over N Over

1) I made a choice this morning. And it's over. I am not a victim and will move on. It was sweet when it lasted. :-)

A new day begins ..

2) I had a great dinner with a couple of friends. Ate, drank and talked n laughed abis ... not to mention some triple X in the end .. hehehe ... seronok bila you are with your good buddies. Your troubles seem to be a zillion miles away.

Later peeps...


toughcookie said...

I always believe that hanging out with your buddies is usually the best medicine for any aches. They make you laugh and they take your blues away.

congratulations on your choice and welcome back to civilisation.

P/S: I was stuck at Jln Tun Razak last night. Damn the jam...

Anonymous said...


Call me, I'm saving credits :P

Your Sis.