Friday, December 23, 2005


She likes his movies.

Me : " Kalau saya jadi Shah Rukh Khan, awak jadi Preity Zinta. Amacam ? "
She " Ok jugak :) "

Hmm, visions of dancing around trees and rolling in the fields at the Alps :D

aiyaaa .... tujhe dekha toyee janassalam .... pyar hota hai deewana salaam ... lalalala


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ome! you spot me alive but I caught you in the act. love written all over the face :P


Omecool20 said...

hehe :P .. cant say much, but it was great finally meeting u :)

Pyar eh :D

toughcookie said...

adoi... i rasa penyakit u lebih kronik kan?? hehe... btw, thanks for saying hi... at least i can now put a face and a name to your blog. terrer u cam i. wished i had seen your current interest ;)

Inn said...

for a moment there, i tot i was reading acat's blog. hehe!

i so have a book i want to share. it's with acat but i know he doesnt read it. heh. nanti if i meet up with him one of these days(and u too i hope lovely senorita), i'll pass the book to you pulak. if u're interested that is ;)

Omecool20 said...


:-) hehe.. actually, mula2 segan juga .. then I was like .. berani aja.. u were gracious enough to respond balik :-) Tq :-) Look 4ward to see u guys again :-)


Yeah, sure. I appreciate it :D .. now go get the eye candy !

toughcookie said...

hehe... tu ah kan... ingatkan acat je jiwang, right? this guy's like gone ;P hope to see you too.

actually haritu if not for my girlfriend, i rasa kita tak berenti cakap kot, eh? take care, dude. bump into u soon...

Acat said...

yeah.. finally ade someone to take over the mantle of blog angau.. hehe all the best dude..

inn.. oh inn.. bilaa kan ku pulangi bukumu itu..


Omecool20 said...


Yeah, we'd be talking for hours abt stuff .. heheh .. ingat nak ajak u guys pi starbucks masa tu ..


I bow to you, my master ;-p