Friday, March 03, 2006

Love Is + 30 sen + Grillz

1) Love Is ..

Me : " For me, it should be about joy, laughter and fun. As long as kita ingat n tunaikan peranan n tanggungjawab kita dlm hubungan ini. Kan ? "
Her : Rite! :).. "

2) 30 Sen

Fuel naik 30 sen per litre ... I am affected just a bit, as I naik a kapcai. The after effects see la lepas ni. The usual explanations came out, no need to elaborate here ... but, I really liked what the TPM said here..

My short, simple and sweet answer : Cakap Serupa Bikin. People Ain't Fools, Anymore ...

3) Grillz

Right now, I like to boogie to this song. Cool video too ;-)


Zsarina said...

Maybe we should start a company that offers simulated getaways, now that a lot of people have to travel less.

Omecool20 said...

;-) hear .. hear ... or offer bicycle rentals for cycling around KL ;-) or .. what abt modern beca services :D .. can go on and on la ..