Sunday, March 05, 2006


It has been three wonderful and interesting months ..

Three words were spoken tonight for the first time.

And officially, I am off from the singles market. :-)

Ta ;-) ...

The end of 2006 cannot come soon enough :D


Inn said...

shweet! yayy!!! :) Wat a wonderful thing to share here. I need more news like this

Acat said...

will you marry me ade 4 words. heheh

lady_bugs said...

thats wonderful... i am soooo happpyyyyy for u.... happyy happyy happpy... yuppieeee :D over tak.. hehehehehe

Omecool20 said...


Glad to have brightened up your day


Yg tu is the next one :P .. the three words was my commitment to her.


Thank you. I saw the light after I met you that day. How is the fish n chips ?