Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Might Have Been N Free Ezine

I wanted to write about something else, but this post by Cookie is a good read, and reminded me of the song below ..

What Might Have Been by Little Texas

Sure I think about you now and then
But its been a long, long time.
Ive got a good life now, Ive moved on
So when you cross my mind....

(i, so, and) try not to think about
What might have been
cause that was then
And weve taken different roads
We cant go back again, theres no use giving in
And theres no way to know
What might have been.

We could sit and talk about this all night long,
And wonder why we didnt last
Yes, they might be the best days we will ever know
But well have to leave them in the past.

- Chorus -

That same old look in your eyes
Its a beautiful night
Im so tempted to stay
But too much time has gone by
We should just say goodbye
And turn and walk away.
No, well never know
What might have been


I guess all of us have memories of childhood which we still cherish and do not want it to be tarnished in any way. Cookie was being honest about this, but the person in her post, still hung on.

I'd be honest. When I think about my past crushes, this song would play on and on... and it kind of got me down. But, the moment I made the decision to move on, eventually my darling wife came along .... and god willing, she is the real thing :-)

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