Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ghost Rider Penance Stare

Ghost Rider

I saw Ghost Rider a during the Chinese New Year and I would say that it is a pretty cool entertainment especially if you are a biker. That mean machine he rides is a beauty.

nak satu :-)

I am sure that some have seen the movie or the comic, but for me, the cool thing that he has is the Penance Stare, as was so nicely demonstrated in the movie ;-) Have you ever felt of giving one to the person(s) you hate and despise. Admit it, you do ....

"...the Penance Stare. When in close combat, he locks eyes with his victim and makes them feel every pain that individual has ever inflicted on anyone in their lifetime... ", quoted from Ghost Rider Wiki.

I would like to do so against all the bullies during my school and college years. Yes, sir, I do.

Who would you like to give it to ?

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