Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post 2008

Hmm .. nice picture of fireworks eh ;-) 

2008 merupakan tahun yang sgt2 mengujakan. Pelbagai perubahan berlaku, positif dan negatif tetapi kebanyakannya positif :-) Satu perkara yang telah saya belajar tahun ini ialah untuk bergerak ke hadapan, tembok - tembok  di hadapan kita MESTI kita panjat untuk kita maju.

Areas of Review

Family - hidup suami isteri ni byk cabaran dan kegembiraan. Tidak mcm kisah2 romantic comedy .. ada pahit dan manisnya ... yg pasti, syukur pada Tuhan kerana anugerahNya .. Linda n Zara make my life 'interesting' ... and maybe la ,... just maybe .. no 2 will come along ... ;-) I understand my parents better nowadays ... being a parent has taught me that. Pada Pa n Ma, you did your best for me and I will always be thankful for that. 

Career - oklah first full year ... loads of challenges and it was fun ! Honestly, I love this gig .. and this where I will be ;-) ... I have a lot to improve and I will do so...2009 will see the beginnings of the PHD ( playa hater degree ) :P ..

Personal - the weight ... dulu turun then naik balik maintain ... 2009 by my birthday ( June 09 ) .. it will be different :) ... the demons .. they are further and further back ...

Biz Interests - earlier in the year, I was only interested in one field ... and for the past month, I have included two more ...:-) all are still at their baby steps ... I am following the suggestion that one should have MSI ( multiple streams of income ).. and online seems to be the BEST option for me ;-)

In summary people, the upcoming 2009 will be another interesting year sbb the path looks better and better and clearer ;-) ... All the best and may your wishes come true !

Your friend, Ome.


as a.k.a axa87 said...

wow...2nd baby coming ker?? eheheh... hopefully my wish comes true..nak jugak 2nd baby..

housewarming nanti kami jemput yer.. kitchen cabinet masih dlm proses touchup...

Eliza said...

Cool, Salam.All the best for your PhD okay? What will be the focus?
All other areas of your life seem to be moving on track, and I agree with you on the "blocks" in our path - they are there to make us better. Salam Tahun Baru and Salam Maal Hijrah, dear friend.
ps: You must come to the new house nanti with your Mrs and baby.

Omecool20 said...

as, no 2 tu rasa2nya buat tahun ni deliver tahun depan kot :D

Eliza, as usual, your words are simple and sweet. Definitely, nak tgk rumah kat sana bgm ;-)