Monday, December 29, 2008

A step back in 2008

Events in the past few weeks have lead me to realize that 2008 has sort of being of a transition period for yours truly ... yep, transition ..

1) Personal

Personal Mastery has been something which I have been striving for the past year and I have made some significant strides in that area. Especially, in dealing with the past. That part has been plaguing me for years

2) Career

Working for the past year in academia, has been an interesting experience. Of course, ada ups and downs nye .... I am getting grips with academia. Something I love to do and self-improvement and time management are very important.

The above things are what I consider the most important things right now .... 2009 will be wayyy better ;-)


toughcookie said...

happy new year, ome...

Omecool20 said...

U too Cookie ... to u n Acat n Jada :-)

sherrina said...

Were u the one that I met in Cititel last Saturday?

Omecool20 said...


yes la .. it was a nice surprise :-)

sherrina said...

I was very surprised. First time org tegur sbb kenal melalui blog. Nice to meet u, anyway. Send my regards to ur wife, tak sempat sembang panjang :)