Monday, February 06, 2012

Nasihat Emas Seorang Mentor

Eelyn Soon, you are not planning goals ... you a dreaming. And that is why you will always be frustrated - because you will never reach your dreams.

You need goals - realistic, measureable goals that can be realized.

You're thinking about doing all these great things in life but for what? What is your "why" in life?

Success is a journey. A Journey in which we make mistakes, learn from it, better ourselves and move on to become smarter, wiser and in the process, wealthier in mind, soul and maybe even finances.

It never happens overnight. Anything achieved in haste never lasts. Good long lasting success is a never ending journey. Success goes up and it is never easy to go up and it is never a quick ascent. It is very easy to descend however, and it is fast too.

What we build slowly and steadily as we move up is a foundation. The stronger the foundation, the less likely you are to fall below it. Call it a Stop Loss - the more profits you protect means you'll be hurt less when the trade retraces.

But if you don't have a strong "why", if you don't build that foundation and if you plan is a quick progression, you are likely to fall into depths you never imagined.

All this talk of richness and wealth - how will you manage your wealth if you don't know how to manage failure? How will you grow your wealth if you never made mistakes and lost before?

Your illusion of young successful people is what is killing a lot of young people these days. Have you noticed that most people who succeed when they are young tend to suffer in their old age? And those who struggle in their youth mostly tend to die rich and wealthy?

Allow me to share something I just shared with another young lady just now ...

When you are young, that is the time to be adventurous. It is the time to take risks, make mistakes and learn from it.

Never let failure deter you. Every failed attempt is a lesson ... a precious lesson that will make you wiser. Take all those lessons and keep chasing that goal. I know this for a fact ... if you never give up, you never really failed.

Know your goals ... plan your timelines ... give yourself a budget and a realistic target - just like in trading. And then when it doesn't work, cut loss and change your strategy for the second attempt.

When you chase success, it will always elude you ... when you're not looking for it, it comes right up and kisses you in the face!. Life is too short to worry about achieving things too quickly - take your time and enjoy life as it rolls along. Take life as it comes to you and enjoy every step of the journey.

Follow your heart - success lies in what you are passionate about or talented about. Start there. There is no greater motivation than passion.

One last note - you will never achieve your 30yr retirement goal because you are not serious about it and you don't believe in yourself. How do I know ... your last word - "Haha".

beliau adalah Conrad Alvin Lim, jurulatih trading saya ...

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