Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be True And Fiesty

To say that I lost it a bit tonight is an understatement when it came to Suarez - Evra affair. It all boils down to Suarez saying the 'negro' word which is common in his native Uruguay in England and Evra crying all the way about it to the ref. In my opinion, Pool and Suarez were smart not to appeal even though it was a linguistic issue , and wanted to end the whole thing. Then we have the media and the whole handshake crap that happened earlier today. They did the no handshake for terry-anton ferdinand .. why did the English FA did not do the same for this match boggles my mind .. I guess I blew it because all this while, when Pool gets the stick from the MU fans, in the past I just chill and let them crow .. but enough is enough I say ... if you go over the top, I am coming back at you with cold hard facts .. and here is ONE major MF reason why .. during the 80s masa MU were struggling, when MU masuk Cup Finals .. I actually cheered for them ... oh, the stupidity and horrors for what I have done :P .. from the cup finals where Brighton and Crystal Palace lost .. zaman Gary Bailey and Jim Leighton were MU keepers ... arghh ... Okay MU fans .. am not taking anymore crap from you guys ... SAF would not be around any longer ... MU had a long drought after Sir Matt Busby left .. you will to soon ... Paisley, Fagan and Kenny ( 1st round ) were our top managers and when they left, we suffered .. the end is near, even though you all do not see it yet. And I prefer Sir Matt Busby to SAF, he was a classy gentleman and a winner :)

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