Monday, August 22, 2005

Godfather + Sideways

Bought a few DVDs a few days ago kat Uptown.

The Godfather Trilogy

This trilogy is a must have for any movie buff. The tale of the Corleone family... the words, scene and life lessons .. what can I say ;-) Last nite, I did a cursory check on all three DVDs .. and spent a few hours ;-) .. the movies are timeless ... which scenes I like ? ... too much to remember ..but on top of my head.. the shortlived marriage of Michael and Apollonia in Sicily, .. first meet, courtship, marriage, first night, Apollonia's death.

I have watched it loads of times, and it still captivates me the each time I see them. There is something new I would notice.

A cool unofficial website for the trilogy here.

Warning - the movies to some extent, does romanticize the whole Mafia gig .. but in the end, in Godfather III, there always a price to pay ..


This flick is a cool drama / comedy buddy movie. I wanted to see what was the big deal about this movie, since it did pretty well in the movie awards circuit last year. For me, I enjoyed watching it, but the movie , at times, touched an uncomfortable raw emotion for me, especially in the lead character, Miles. Kind of art imitating life perhaps. What is it ? Watch it yourself .. and perhaps u get the idea *wink*

A good place to check on this movie is here.

ps / saw her recently. She looked great. ;-)

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