Saturday, August 27, 2005

;-p Part Deux

I was typing a post, then the browser crashed ! .. well.. let me summarize what I wrote just now ...

1) Acknowledged an addiction and working to overcome it.

2) This piece of the local news. I wish them all the happiness. I know how it feels lonely at nights... :-|

2.1 ) Hmm, ada harapan buat gue. ;-) My future wife could be in Form 1 tahun ni !! .. hehe.. ada excuse baru for my relatives ;-p

3) Went to a job agency. Ok la .. but see how they can help me. A bummer that I am not working , but .. during this break .. I learnt a lot about myself, saw a lot n observed many things and adored her. ( I still do ;-) )

4) Went to see this show at Sutra. I had a great time .. and I have a new appreciation for the man and his works. Will be going there again for next month's performance. Something about the place...

Official website here.

Have a good weekend, amigos !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahaha future wife in form1, my future husband just about to learn how to mengemas rumah, we have about another 16 yrs to go, guess my relatives would have enuff time to start saving to present us with a house later on ha ha ha ha.