Monday, August 22, 2005

It's Ok

* Admittedly, these past two weeks .. my mind has been thinking loads of stuff and I mean loads .. of new thoughts ...

1) It's okay

Today, while biking over .. I realized that it is okay. It is okay to feel sad and lonely ... I realized that it is just being human .. life has up and downs. It is not a sign of weakness. Previously, I would be angry whenever I feel like it .. but now I'm okay. And, keep on living. Only now, I understand what Joel Boyd said, about ten years ago.

2) Lose Your Illusions

Hmm, the illusions about her. Maybe it was all illusions . hmmm... still, I thank her for making me smile and keeping my spirits when the times are tough.

2.1 ) Move On

I want to move on. How ?

Nice clear skies today.

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