Monday, September 26, 2005

Cite2 Wayang Lagi

I saw Dark Water. One word – creepy. Luckily, I had my PDA to play with during the creepy times ;-) I don’t watch horror flicks .. tapi kawan ajak .. tipah tertipu !!

As requested by a blogger … a short review of The Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants

The story is pretty simple.. 4 best 16 yr old girlfriends are going off separate ways for the summer. Before going off, they managed to find a pair of jeans that somehow fit all four of them., in a thrift shop. They agreed to share it among themselves during the vacation. Sound simple kan ? well, actually, there are four stories in this movie with a common thread holding them., the pair of jeans which in my mind , represent the close friendship between ‘em. The stories show they kind of like growing up .. each in their own ways, yet through it all, they still remain close to each other.

Bridget, Lena, Tibby and Carmen and a pair of pants had a magical summer and in the end, turned out better for it ;-)

It is a sweet, growing up, coming of age flick which I would recommend.

This flick was based on this book series. And the movie’s storyline is based on book one.

Ps / I wonder why here in Malaysian tv, there is not something like this. Kalau ada, maybe I have not seen them perhaps.

I also saw these flicks in the past few days

Sin City

If you like comics and can stand some graphic violence, this movie is for you ;-) .. the cool thing abt this movie is its use of colors. Mostly black and white, but certain scenes and ppl have colors. And the stories are pretty good and amazing. But the violence, I am telling ya … be prepared.

The story of the residents of Sin City and how they interlock. Good cop, bad cop, kick ass prostitutes, sick Cardinal, cannibalistic Frodo, paedophile sicko…. And some more. Yep, the story has it all.

Totally recommended.

Based on Frank Miller’s comic series of the same title.

Jersey Girl

Hmm…this is sweet father and girl bonding movie… yeah, Ben Affleck plays the father. I like one phrase in this movie … “ .. forget who you were and just accept who you are … “ In a way, this movie emphasizes “ Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri “ ..

It is not a major blockbuster .. but, ok la ..for some leisure viewing.


Actually, I didn’t know what was the big deal about this movie, until I watched it. Oh yeah, the two main guys in the movie gave incredible performances. Tom Cruise as the Vincent the assassin, Jamie Foxx as the cab driver. The cab driver who nak tak nak drives him around for him to do his killing jobs. It is engrossing to watch, how they interplay with one another. And discuss life matters … would not want to spoil the ending, but this is definitely recommended.

I think Cruise should play a bad guy once a while.. definitely he acts better as one ;-) ..

Ok la .. later amigos. Don’t forget to watch them flicks and make your DVD seller happy. Malaysia Boleh !!


Julie said...

Hun, why not become a movie reviewer ;)
Sounds like you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Tadi baca newspaper kat sini, review movie sisterhood of travelling pants is good dvd keep. so boleh consider buying the book as well he he he he.

dah dapat kerja?

Rudylah... said...

DVD nya dah clear ke Ome? How bout the subtitle? Anyway, I wish I was the pant... "firm"ly gripping those fine asses! ;)

Sin City is ok but is the "REAL" DVD copy out yet?

Jersey Girl... Only Kevin Smith's tale from Jersey for me!

Collateral is lousy.

Just finished watching CRASH. It's an eye opener! But Debbie Does Dallas The Revenge made my eyes (and pants... *chuckle) wider! Muahahaha!

Omecool20 said...

Julie, good idea ;-) hmm .. maybe la .. but I have to watch horror also kan .. oh tidak !!

Raf, please do get the book .. I would recommend for female teens :-) .. kerja dpt .. temporary aje..

Rudy, sisterhood dvd is master copy so clear ..but not real DVD clear. Subtitle tak bagus .. yes, I wish I was the pants too ;-p .. esp Alexis Bledel's. Sin City, I am not sure abt real dvd copy, but this one is pretty good and a keeper. Crash is something I plan to get .. is it clear yet ?